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September is coming..

August 30, 2014

Now, how the fuck did that happen? Time seems to be moving very erratically these days, with the weeks that feel like entire months, and the days that feel like hours, and the hours that sometimes feel like days. So that being said, isn’t it silly that we ever try hard to quantify time, when it seems to have it’s own agenda in relation to our individual perceptions? If time is geting away from you, there is one thing that just might help you. Find a call to action, because they speak louder than words and all that. Find your passions, your drives, your motivations, the things and maybe the people that you would do anything for. When you find those things, keep them close. You will thank me later. Life really doesn’t have to be as complicated as some people make it out to be, which brings us back to time. If you want something now, don’t make it your goal later on, make it your goal now. I am guilty of letting my goals and dreams fall by the way side several times in the last few years, and let me tell you, it’s no good. If you have a goal stick with it. Yes, there may be setbacks and whatever, but if you don’t try of course you can’t get it. But time is going, at all kinds of speeds, and if you say, “I’ll get to it when I have more time,” you’ll keep saying that, and you’ll run out of time. So live your life and do it now. And find your dreams.


The not quite ides of March: 11 finished in the last minutes of the 11th

March 12, 2011

1.New Hell- The Hell Mart Supercenter is opening in just a little over a month and for the next over a month I will be working there instead of our old store which is preparing to close. There isn’t anything too hard to do, and its all pretty self-explanatory even though we waste over an hour of our shifts in silly meetings, doing corny cheers and being talked to like we are ignorant children by some of the planning committe, as it were. This is all of us, and for that I begin to see a more cohesive togetherness among more of the associates, and a sense of camarederie with more than I expected to. And free nights and weekends for the next month? No complaints about that.

2. Springing into spring- The weather has been in much of an irrational up and down state for a good portion of recent time, and this season is no exception.  It’s warm and decides to rain, and all of a sudden we’re once more in a deep freeze and all the rain has become ice, but now even with the up and down temps messing with our heads, it is plain to see that we have hit the season of mud, and I really don’t like getting dirty if I can avoid it.  But glad it’s getting warmer as the days go by.

3.New muses- Now that I have to get up really early every morning for the time being, I’m finding myself struck with poetical ideas at times I’m not even used to being awake for, and it seems to be the spark my creativity has needed to enter new and exciting worlds on paper.  Why is this?

4.Volunteering- My volunteer time at the thrift store is seldom lately, and now that i’ve gotten back into the habit of a regular weekly shift for them, I will be away from them again for a month due to my new work hours for the time being.  But there’s just something about being there that makes me feel good.  Experiencing someone else’s “junk” as something new as something for the first time, is a treasure in its own right.  Given, some of the donations quite literally are junk, but it is amazing what sort of stuff you will find, like pristine condition pink floyd vinyl, which I snagged on one shift, or an old vhs tape of a movie you’ve always wanted to see.  My most recent purchases include some great two dollar cds.  A copy of Yeasayer’s amazingly eclectic, electronically awesome, Indie to the core album from just last year, which I had been looking forward to hearing since my first listen to “Ambling Alp.”  Let’s just say I was thrilled by what I heard after that long wait.  Also spinning a lot of my other two dollar cd purchase, the funktastic “Hercules and The Love Affair.”  Thank you experienced goods, for making me experience so many  new and wondrous things for so little, and also give money to hospice in the process!!

5.New Musical Discoveries!-  I am currently obsessed with the song, “Moneygrabber” by Fitz and The Tantrums!

6.Much Ado About Something- Auditions for Vermont Theatre Company’s annual Shakespeare in the Park procuction are coming up. So i’m brushing up my Shakespeare as the song says to do, and falling in love all over again with the bard’s words, and the silly situations humans find themselves in that ring as true in the fancy speeches as they do today, in this world that seems so much more mundane in comparison.  Auditions for Much Ado are taking place on Next Thursday at 7pm in the NEYT building in Brattleboro, if you are interested and have only just heard about it from my posting about it.  I was in a production quite a few years ago now, and it was lots of fun being able to perform in the open air.

7.Poetic Just Us- I have begun posting flyers for the event, that I have already described many times previously, and yet to get too much of a response.  But as long as I have people interested in my ideas, I will never give up.

8.Poetic Everyone Else- Thursday April 7th, I will once more be featured on a radio show, Live streaming . Started by a great guy and fellow writer, who is also amazing at that, a great radio personality who has an ear for good music, Mr. Adam Hogue of Keene State College fame, this new show is going 8:30- 9:30, every thursday night.  You might as well stay tuned afterwards for Danger Blossoms, a solid night of entertainment.  I might decide to be on that as well, on that night!

9.The Works- bakery cafe, is my cup of tea, or in the case of yesterday, my cup of odwalla juice, and my bagel and cream cheese. The newish Brattleboro location is nice and roomy, houses one of my poetic just us adverts on the board as well, and a great place to compute, write, or just plain people watch among the busiest areas of downtown. Reccommendations if you have yet to eat there: California Turkey Wrap, any kind of bagel spread with bacon scallion cream cheese.

10.Book stores-Most of my writing may come to my audience through digital channels, but nothing in my mind beats the pen to the paper, and when it comes to other people’s writing, nothing thrills me nearly so much, besides maybe the person reading their work aloud to me, than books themselves.  Pardon my French when I say, e-readers are shit!  I understand the logistics of having one in some instances, but nothign beats the smell of books, the feel of the paper in your hands, the way they sit on the shelves especially at the used stores,full of the stories written therein as well as the stories of all of their previous owners.  Dear bookstores, thank you for continuing to exist, and not giving into this whole, everything needs to be digital to be worth noticing way of thinking.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

11.I promise better things, and no more missed weeks of blogging(whether or not I can hold myself to that last, I promise more and better things in the days to come),but I am tired and have lapsed on my number 11 item, so here’s some fun that I have already thrown your way, but like the Doublemint gum says, “double your pleasure double your fun.”