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Playlisting: Ashes To Ashes

June 22, 2014

1. Ashes To Ashes- David Bowie

2. Believer- American Authors

3. A Taste of Honey- The Beatles

4. Bigger Than Love- Benjamin Gibbard

5. Crank- Catherine Wheel

6. All Or Nothing- Dirty Vegas

7. For What Reason- Death Cab For Cutie

8. Relax, Take It Easy- Mika

9. Go To Sleep- Radiohead

10. Speeches- Walk Off The Earth

11. Caring Is Creepy- The Shins

12. Sex and Candy- Marcy Playground

13. Slow Hands- Interpol

14. Cactus- David Bowie

15. Funky Days Are Back Again- Cornershop

16. Subterranean Homesick Alien- Radiohead

17. Skulls- Bastille

18. Blue Jean- David Bowie

19. Late- Ben Folds


Cart Pushers Union

February 2, 2014

When you walk out of the store donning your yellow reflective vest, you realize that any of the ills and general rude treatment you suffer as a sales floor associate are nothing compared to that which you suffer as the cart pusher.  You are the lowest of the low, you are like scum to the general customerati it would seem.  Demeaned, and dehumanized for doing something that is probably more taxing than any other job at the store, said as it seems to say.  Why is this?  What sort of world is this that we have created?  And what can we do to fix it?  It’s not like it’s their fault they have this job, and it’s also not like their job doesn’t make their shopping experience more convenient. Just saying.  So maybe that’s why it always seems that at least one cart pusher out of ten doesn’t seem to do their job at all.  No respect means a detriment to worker morale and general work ethic.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it Corporate America, and your GOP bedfellows. 

There’s something to do!!

May 12, 2013

I came upon a really important discovery these past few days.  There’s actually stuff happening in this community, and it’s not just happening but it’s beginning to permeate itself throughout.  The reason the nightlife seems so sparse, the reason there never seem to be enough dance parties, concerts, and general fun times happening, is a simple and easily fixable one.  How can you expect more events to happen if you don’t go out?  Going out allows for more things to happen, because if the bars, studios, dance halls, etc had more people visiting them, there would be more events, more people=more money=more events happening.  So let’s do our part, let our freak flags fly, and let everyone else see that we have room to do so.  Come together right now. Over fun.  We will make Brattletown fun again, more active, more artsy, more dancy, more everything that can make this place great.  I went to the most amazing dance performance tonight at the Cotton Mill, which was in a sense a pagan fertility ritual to the music of Led Zeppelin, followed by a mad crazy dance party.  A performance, plus an interactive social gathering, what more could one ask for?  Striptease, burlesque, improv, free form, Led Zeppelin, amazing post show EDM provided by the dj and very good friend of mine.  I became one with the music, the way I truly know I’m alive, a pure state of joy and clarity, of understanding, and knowing that i have the power to reinvigorate the fun in this community.  And I know I no longer stand alone, having made a few new dance partners, and met amazing amazing people of all sorts with similiar goals and visions at heart.  This is a happy time, and it will only get better.  Ps check out VTC’s Death Trap at the Dummerston grange, going up for the next couple weekends if I remember correctly.  Great bloody day if you couldn’t tell.


May 4, 2011

There are so many connections abounding in our lives, whether they be spiritual, personal, romantical, religious, secular, familial or what have you.  But what’s most important in this is to never shy from love.  In my philosophy, love is living, and art is heart.  It is not good enough for us simply to love, but to in a very real sense also become that love.  If love is the agent of change, change being the only constant within life, it is not enough to simply believe in it, but follow it, fight for it, and never be afraid to take a chance no matter how silly you might think it is, chances are someone will find it sweet that you care so much, and that you express yourself in a way that truly belongs to you and nobody else.  And this talk of love, which seems so out of place in the current climate of hate, that seems to be what drives this so-called American life, a dream become a nightmare, decaying much more quickly than it ever has, an oroborous(snake eating it’s own tail, symbol for infinity among other things) of vengeance, this talk of love becomes even more important than it has ever been.  “Give Peace a Chance.”

Love’s strongest manifestation is in the people you surround yourself with.  If you remember an old post I had about soul friends versus soul mates, and of the fractal nature of the human heart, how there isn’t necessarily another half, but a number of others that each fulfill a different role in relation to yourself. The people I surround myself with, who I deem lasting friends, and potential lifelong companions, these people are soul friends.  And soul friends are life-changers, and the best kinds of life-changers.  I had a friend in high school, we went everywhere together, and had a falling out over something stupid, and deigned contact for two years. When we returned to one another after so long, nothing had changed, and it  was like we had seen one another only the day before, and then we recorded our album, songs written with him in mind.  That is a life-changer.  The big life-changers are those you never need to hide anything from, the people who accept you as yourself, can have the most fun in the world with something so simple as getting cocoa on a monday, or walking through the park, those people who carry you through your worst moments, and know you’ll do the same in theirs.

The big life-changers take on many forms, being dressed like a waitress or a cat on halloween, barefoot and bearded on the radio, a fellow poet who drinks a few beers with you and talks of her past life as a tree with such conviction, a purple-haired steampunk obsessive who thinks skunks to be the cutest animals ever, the girl who watches zombie movies with you, puts up with the stupidest shit from you, and still has the desire to take you out and buy you coffee, or someone who helps you realize your hopes and dreams again, when you have fallen into a rut of despair, or a loss of self-worth.  Whether it takes place in a cafe on a monday, on a blue cement block in a parking lot, a concert in vermont where you lose your shoes, and get a mustached hooligan to sign your underwear, at your favorite record store, over the air, playing a song on a street corner, a rainy day walk through a cemetery or lying on a futon in a dorm room talking into the endless hours of night, or anywhere these adventures may take you and anything they may involve, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that it changes lives.

Peace and Love,


Coming out as human

February 8, 2010

Remember how this blog is about breaking boundaries?  The most troublesome boundaries that divide people are focused upon gender and sexuality.  If we can truly put an end to the falsity of a world ruled by a binary system, things can truly go on in a way which allows everyone to be happy and free, or at the very least happiear and freer.  Here’s a good realization to discover:  If we can realize that the reasons people can attract us go much deeper than their physical appearances, you have already made the first step in “revolutionizing your world.”    That being said, the most effective relationships go behind worrying about what kind of body parts someone has.  There’s also a common issue in starting relationships that when placed into the binary system makes everyone who follows it a hypocrite.  They say certain traits must be essential to you if you are male or female, as far as gender is concerned.  But many a guy gets into a relationship with a girl, and likes her because she isn’t extra girly and fits right in with the guys.  They already defy the binary system, for it gives proof that anyone can be with anyone.  masculine and masculine, female and female, male and male, male and female, feminine and feminine, masculine and feminine, and all other things, which may or may not have names that lie beyond the wall of the binaries.

Now take into account if gender is purely a false construct, what orientations really mean.  To some people I say I’m straight, to others I say I’m bi, and to yet others I say I don’t know what I am or I make up a term that sums up my world view, like post sexual(yes I have a sexuality, but I find myself in a place where I can love anyone for any number of reasons, never based solely on sexual attraction or preference of a partner being male or female).  I love people, and when it comes down to it, that’s what all of us are.  If we can realize the depth of our choices in partners, then we can truly understand, that maybe nobody in this world is 100% straight or 100% gay, and that the only thing we know for certain is that we are human.