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Snow? What is this snow?

February 7, 2015

Come on Winter, we get it. You’re mad at us for moaning and groaning about you. But we love you we really do. Just bring up the temps a little and turn down the snow a bit, and we can part as friends. I’m serious here Winter, get your shit together! How many snow storms have we had already in the last ten days. Calm the fuck down!


Merry and Bright Part Two: Holiday Tunes

December 17, 2014

What better way to ring in the holidays, and what better way to accompany a major wrap session then with some amazing Christmas music. I find a good mix of traditional pieces, and more modern Christmas offerings really delivers the balance you need. So don’t make yourself pick between a Rock N Roll Christmas or carol singers, use both, and throw in all the jazzy standards while you’re at it. I discovered a surprising gem in regard to the jazzy standards in Seth McFarlane’s new Christmas album, Holiday for Swing. Yes, that Seth McFarlane. No funny business here, just plain old normal Christmas songs accompanied by an awesome orchestra. Check it out y’all.

The Continuing Adventures of Things That Happen to Me in Cars….

January 30, 2014

This weekend, I was on my way back home, once more from the strange land of Massachussetts, after driving on a number of completely clear roads, and only about a couple miles from home when I came across a beautiful little snow drift and found my car doing a 360 and then some as it went off the road backwards and sideways. No damage to me, no damage to my car, and only a little bit of damage to my wallet, and I could drive my beast home.  There was no fear, there was no worry, there was only the “Holy Crap,” moment and the “I’m okay,” moment.  It wasn’t like my sleep driving adventure in my white car, it wasn’t like any of the times I got stopped by cops for any reason.  One benefit to living in a small town, a very big one at that, is that if you don’t know someone that can help you, all you have to do is call your family and the know the answer.  Ten minutes in the cold versus, not having a car to drive?  I’ll take ten minutes in the cold, thanks!

Happy Solstice one and all! (I know it’s a day late but I did at least write it yesterday)

December 22, 2013

Happy solstice  to all of you lovely denizens of internetland!  It is four days until Christmas and also much warmer out than it was for the entire two weeks before the official onset of Winter.  I would say Young Man Winter is in charge this year, seeing how impatient he is to set the weather upon us.  Just my thoughts.  Four days before Christmas and just officially finished the true brunt of my gift shopping, and it’s like there is a hole in my wallet.  But I can’t complain, money is dead stuff, whereas the recipients of the gifts that this dead stuff purchased, are warm, living and breathing beings.  It is true that money can’t buy you love, but if you aren’t a miser with your money, you can illuminate more people’s lives.  I know I don’t have much a lot of the time, but I’m still inclined to get someone the better quality gifts, exploring more than just the big box stores, or the generic “hot items,” that everyone always seems to be after.  I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s very thoughtful of you to get my a tv just because it’s $500 less than usual.  It just doesn’t set me on fire. A lot of these more expensive items are not the sorts of things I ask people to give me.  Sure, at this point in my life, a little bit of the surprise is vacant, since I tend to ask for things I need as well as things I want.  But no matter what I get, the joy is still there, and also the sense of wonder that so many people seem to lose as they grow older.  So money indeed can’t buy you love, but you can buy things for those you love, to bring them wonder and merriment.  There was nothing better to me growing up than to try to figure out what items from your list, or not from your list that Santa, or anyone else got for you.  Wrapping paper can transform the most mundane gifts into something absolutely awe-inspiring and incredible.  So keep it merry and bright by just having fun, and appreciating everything you are given, because it isn’t the money that counts, it isn’t the money that tugs the heartstrings and brings on the hugs and kisses and thank you notes, it’s the pure fact that somebody wanted to buy you a gift that makes it special. 

January son

January 29, 2011

My third nephew was born this afternoon after we had been expecting an appearance since christmas, through snow storms and family birthdays, and some of the worst winter weather we have had around here in a while. Sure, unlike me, he was not born in a blizzard, and we were able to go see him immediately, but it was snowing, and I didn’t expect any less than that. The third son held on longer than the other two, appearing a week after his projected due date, and weighing nigh on ten pounds, heavier than his father and uncle were. I always thought the older of the two pre-existing boys resembled his daddy, while the second looked a lot like little me, but upon my appearance in the hospital room, I thought I was staring straight at the first picture ever taken of me. Regardless of that I know he’s going places in life. Whatever made him arrive late, seemingly by his own force of will is a reflection of a free spirit, and a true individual. Only time will tell