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It was offensive, but it also made no sense…

December 22, 2013

I had a peculiar experience the other day at work.  Well it wasn’t all too peculiar in the fact that I have heard all manner of words and phrases and slurs and adamant belief in foolish stereotypes bandied here and there around the store, from customers and associates alike.  This occurrence was peculiar in that the customer for some reason was trying to explain what he was talking about, when I knew full well what he was saying, and apparently my look of disgust wasn’t enough to give him a hint to cease and desist.  But anyways, this one customer had some sort of squash or the like in his items.  He grabbed one that lacked a sticker so as is common in this case I asked him, “So, what’s the price of this?”  He responded by not saying the typical “I don’t really know,” or the estimations that some customers give in this scenario.  He responded by saying, “How should I know? What do I look like? A woman?” (Insert fake laugh from me here)  I really have no idea what this statement is supposed to imply, other than that men are too stupid to check prices.  But it remained that he meant it in an offensive and derogatory manner, regardless of what he was implying.  But obviously I can’t call people on  things like this, even though it seems fully acceptable to do so, because I need this job right now.  And it would have been a closed case at this point if the talk didn’t continue.  A man behind him in line, a public servant no less(for shame),  decided to turn this man’s comment into a conversation¸ and muttered a bunch of unintelligible stuff to me about how men know what they are doing when they go shopping and blah blah blah, and that women are impossible to go anywhere with because they pay attention to the prices and such.  So like I said, I have no idea what point he was trying to make, but he made it.   Since when is checking prices a negative trait?  It’s impossible to get any shopping these days without budget yourself at least a little bit.  Also case in point, don’t say idiotically offensive things to someone that is unable to tell you to shut the hell up!