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Merry and Bright Part Four: Shopping

December 17, 2014

Holiday Shopping can be a nightmare, especially if you haven’t started yet. There’s only a week left folks, get on with it. Whatcha’ waiting for? The stores are all swamped with people at this point,and you’re really just setting yourself up for a bigger headache. But do what I do. Buy things when you think of them, or the person that they seem good for, don’t get everything all at once. Your wallet will thank you, and you will thank yourself. Wrap presents as you buy them. I did, and from here on out it’s smooth sailing, even though I have a few last minute things to get, but who doesn’t? I love Christmas, and I intend to pull out all the stops. Within reason, of course. Stocking stuffers and other incidentals are bound to pop up within a week. Another tip: get them something they don’t know they want, like a cd they didn’t ask for, or a book that reminds you of something they read recently, or a new scarf. Who doesn’t need a new scarf? Let’s face it, Tvs make lousy Christmas gifts, unless yours went bust. And cars? Have you seen these commercials? It doesn’t seem realistic that someone would be expecting the keys to a new civic under their tree, unless you are crazy loaded, and who is these days? Haven’t started shopping yet? Don’t freak out, just get out, and get shopping. Happy trails everyone.


Happy Solstice one and all! (I know it’s a day late but I did at least write it yesterday)

December 22, 2013

Happy solstice  to all of you lovely denizens of internetland!  It is four days until Christmas and also much warmer out than it was for the entire two weeks before the official onset of Winter.  I would say Young Man Winter is in charge this year, seeing how impatient he is to set the weather upon us.  Just my thoughts.  Four days before Christmas and just officially finished the true brunt of my gift shopping, and it’s like there is a hole in my wallet.  But I can’t complain, money is dead stuff, whereas the recipients of the gifts that this dead stuff purchased, are warm, living and breathing beings.  It is true that money can’t buy you love, but if you aren’t a miser with your money, you can illuminate more people’s lives.  I know I don’t have much a lot of the time, but I’m still inclined to get someone the better quality gifts, exploring more than just the big box stores, or the generic “hot items,” that everyone always seems to be after.  I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s very thoughtful of you to get my a tv just because it’s $500 less than usual.  It just doesn’t set me on fire. A lot of these more expensive items are not the sorts of things I ask people to give me.  Sure, at this point in my life, a little bit of the surprise is vacant, since I tend to ask for things I need as well as things I want.  But no matter what I get, the joy is still there, and also the sense of wonder that so many people seem to lose as they grow older.  So money indeed can’t buy you love, but you can buy things for those you love, to bring them wonder and merriment.  There was nothing better to me growing up than to try to figure out what items from your list, or not from your list that Santa, or anyone else got for you.  Wrapping paper can transform the most mundane gifts into something absolutely awe-inspiring and incredible.  So keep it merry and bright by just having fun, and appreciating everything you are given, because it isn’t the money that counts, it isn’t the money that tugs the heartstrings and brings on the hugs and kisses and thank you notes, it’s the pure fact that somebody wanted to buy you a gift that makes it special. 

Things I love about Fall

September 20, 2013

Now that the weather is changing I am excited to usher in the return of my favorite season:  Autumn.  Though in New England, I never know what the seasons are gonna be like, our weather is just so erratic at the best of times.  I am not opposed to t shirts and shorts, on the contrary, most of my shirts are t shirts, but the changing temperatures facing us in Autumn make me feel more fancy dresswise. After it was too hot to wear most of my nicer clothes, this is a welcome change, time to break out all the flannels and button down shirts, and sweaters.  Time to brew up the cocoa, and get bombarded around every turn with all the yummy pumpkin flavored goodness, such as Pumpkinhead, Coffee and Pumpkin Spice eggo waffles, oh and let’s not forget the pumpkin ice cream, my god, life is good in the fall.  The leaves haven’t changed yet, as evidenced by my random destination ride today in my little red car, but i had nothing better to do, and fall is the best time for random drives to nowhere in particular.  Apple picking anyone?  Yes, I love being out in the orchard getting lost in the trees, pretending I’m in nature, when I can see nothing but trees on all sides.  Then there’s that classic moment when you pull an apple down from the tree and rub it on your shirt, and take that first fresh bite, the experience you can’t get from store bought apples. Oh and let’s not forget to mention apple cider.  And Autumn reaches it’s high point around the harvest, samhain or halloween or what have you.  I never do enough to celebrate it, maybe this year I’ll actually find a costume party to go to who knows?  But know that you’ll also probably find me out on a hill somewhere, nursing a cocoa and staring up at the heavens some night. And that is why fall is perfect.