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Rainy Day

March 23, 2010

After a week of almost Summery weather Spring hit us. And I’m sure I’m not the only one that was quite overjoyed at this event. Yay for the equinox. Although, no sooner had Spring hit than we were given rain. And rain, don’t get me wrong, I like you well and good, you are my favorite Beatles Song that isn’t on any of the albums after all. I have to admire such a weather chameleon as thee, precipitation. Rain, sleet, snow, hail, whatever form you take, you’re still water and you’re essential to practically all life on the face of this planet, so good job being so important. I also admire that you are just as easily inclined to destroy life as you are to preserve it. How many forces of nature can so boast this as proudly as you? My blog is called Break The Sky, and implies nothing more than a metaphor about human perception but it is of course inspired by you, who falls from the sky in the advent of Spring as a sign of renewing life, nature’s baptism, and destroying that which is so last season, the dregs of snow, and the end of temperatures freezing and below. Though, that may not be entirely true as we are in New England, but you catch my drift. Rain may make us sometimes feel dismal and gloomy, but if we don’t feel like sitting in and being lazy on days of rain, we can take adventurous walks, kiss our lovers, and even dance in the rain, and ourselves feel invigorated and new due to this process.

The number of songs written about you, oh rain, could never be listened to in an entire lifetime if all one did was sit still and listen to them. Although, like most people I find myself quite often amidst a love hate relationship with you, I actually have come to find that what I see as rainy day music is actually some of my favorite. Most of Sigur ros’ library of work, The Beatles’: Fixing a Hole, Gladys Knight and the Pips: Midnight Train to Georgia, Brook Benton: Rainy Night in Georgia, Simon and Garfunkel: Scarborough Fair, The Sounds Of Silence, Neil Young’s I’ve Been Waiting For You, Dangerbird, Alabama, the entirety of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Goin’ On album, and many many others it would just take too long to name off in this one entry, but you probably get the idea that it’s a diverse body of music. These songs are quite stimulating which seems ironic that they comprise my rainy day music, but it proves a point that while rain seems to impede our productivity, maybe we are just looking at things the wrong way. My creative work “pours” out of me at uncalculable speed on such days as these.