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What Comes Down, Must Go Up

November 28, 2010

I’m generally a happy person lately, what with love and great friends, and fun adventures, Harry Potter dates, tunnels that aren’t tunnels, hot cocoa, purple sweatshirts, and beautiful music, I would say I am more than content in life.  But there is one thing that can, and must be fixed.  That is my job.  So, I have had to work my entire thanksgiving holiday, from actual Turkey Day through Black Friday and of course yesterday and today. These are some of the worst days to work in a place like Wal Mart, which already is really poopy to work it. And I have plenty to be thankful for in general, but this isn’t one of them.  “Well,” people say, “I know you don’t want to work on Thanksgiving, but be thankful you have a job.”  But here’s the thing about that: the way this place has been making me feel lately I don’t even know if I’m thankful for having a job.  Management can say and do what they want without consequences and quite frankly, I’m sick of it.  I don’t really have much of an emotional attachment to money, after all, I don’t consider myself a capitalist by any means, but I do have a problem with one word, “entitlement.”  They see that they get paid more than us, for sitting on their butts or for being butts, and they think that any complaint relayed to them is irrelevant.  Heckhound will break down for you what has gone on in the past eight months, culminating with what occurred on Thanksgiving, and by the end, I don’t think anyone can doubt my justification for no job being worth all this trouble. 

I was asked back in the Summer, if I was interested in going off on a special project for them for a few months, which involved remodeling another one of their stupid stores up near Burlington.  And I was told with 100% percent assurance, that I could back out at anytime, and that  giving them my name was not a commitment to this assignment.  It was two weeks before the thing, and I had yet to hear who was chosen for this thing, and it would be very important to know these things prior to them sending people away.  I heard through a third party source that I was going, and I really had no desire to do it, so I went to the assistant manager’s office one afternoon, and this is what she said to me: “We put your name in because you said, ‘Yes, I’m going’ and you can’t really change your mind now.”  Me: “You led me to believe otherwise, so what do I do?”  And she came back with, “well, I’ll see what I can do, but since you inconvenience us, it’s your responsibility.”  How fair is that, when I was told it was some kind of lottery, but come to find out that on the day they told me I am allowed to back out, my name went directly to the place?  I knew it was too good to be true, that I could actually be respected by you, Wal Mart. I find gratititude from some of my fellow cashiers and immediate supervisors, who actually know me as a person, and for that I am grateful, but they are not Wal Mart, like me just cogs in a wheel.  I took the next logical step in the process and went to the store manager themself, and what did I get there?  “Are you saying that they lied to you? Because they told me you were beyond excited about this, and that there was no doubt in your mind you were going.”  “Well,” I said, “it didn’t happen that way, and I need to get out of this.” “I’ll help you.” It should have ended there, but it didn’t, instead it was: “I’ll try to help you, but I don’t appreciate that you deny what you said in the first place.”  Me, a liar?  I am called many things, and I am very laid back in general life stuff, but one thing that would make me indignant, would be, someone calling me a liar.  And beyond that, how could I be forced into something that was optional? My problem was taken care of, so I let that situation go for the time.

Then, there I was on Thanksgiving, in tears on the bloody sales floor because some manager thanks the way to help associates is by raising his voice and expecting them to do a better job, and picking on them incessantly as they do lots of back-breaking work.  What is the manager doing to help?  Just barking out orders and antagonizing, no “let me help you with that,” or anything.  I walked away from him, and didn’t know what to do, and didn’t know what this meant for my job or anything, shaking, and begging my usual supervisors to keep me away from him, but they had no power in the situation anymore than I did. If you don’t appreciate someone’s ineptness at pulling pallets from one end of the store to another, either show them what they’re doing wrong, or just be quiet if you don’t know how to say anything nice, or better yet, don’t expect a cashier to be as good at it as someone who spends all of their shifts unloading freight from the damn truck.

Dear Wal Mart Stores Inc.,

Make better policies and hire management people who make us feel if not welcome, at least comfortable if we have to come and work for you. 

K, thanks,


Songs of the Week

November 27, 2010

I noticed, as I haven’t been blogging much lately, that its high time I had another music article on here. So I will run down my top 11 best songs of the week, in hope that i can spread beautiful ear candy to the masses, and also broaden people’s musical horizons. And I choose eleven, because five doesn’t seem like enough and ten is too conventional.

1. Take Me Over- Cut/copy :From their yet to be released new album, Zonoscope, a great example of the current face of Indie/Electronic, mixed with some of the better musical memories of the 80’s. This will surely be a dance hall anthem for years to come. And the universal theme of love that transcends simply ourselves. I almost see it as this sort of thing, where we and our love become an inseperable thing, and furthermore become the music itself.

2.Robots-Flight Of The Conchords: This song comes up as one of the first every time I turn on my ipod, and I must say it never fails to bring a smile to my face. Bret and Jemaine are pure genius in whatever they come up with.

3.Showbiz-Muse: From their 1999 debut album of the same name, I pull this onto my list, as one of my favorite all time songs by one of the best, if not “the” best band(s) in the world.  It has been another frequent flyer on craig’s shuffled ipod.  It’s equal parts dark and pretty, and the angst that fills Matt Bellamy’s beautiful soaring vocals helps me channel rage better on one of my bad days at work, and keeps me from biting off people’s heads on a daily basis, and it’s just so good!!

4.Vampire Weekend-Run:  The lyrics are simple, and the instrumentation, light and bouncy, the natural sounds mesh so well with the electronics, and I consider this four minutes what defines the Indie spirit that makes me so in love with this music. It’s simple and has no need for frivolous explanation, just like being in love.

5. Michelle- Rubblebucket:  This is one of the greatest covers I have heard in a while, and simply love all of the layers, and the fact that these guys are one of the best live bands I have ever seen, hands down.  It also seems simple at first, and while the words are fairly straightforward, all of the different instrumental things and vocal effects occuring simultaneously, heighten the message of love it conveys, truly to a higher place, a place only love knows. It reflects very greatly on the spirit of the Beatles in their most experimental days, trying to incorporate “every sound there is,” into a single song. And Kalmia’s vocals are simply breathtaking here.      I couldn’t find a link for this, but if you go to their facebook page and become a fan of Rubblebucket, you can get a free download of it.

6.Swrdswllngwhr(wishing well)- The Limousines: Beautifullly crafted lyrics, interesting title, pretty vocals, and perfect danceability galore. “I’m burning up, so throw some water on me…” this will surely burn up the floor anywhere.

7.Showtime- Electric Six: I’m fed up with my dumbass job, and am ready to shine. People can’t tell me how to live my life anymore, for it’s SHOWTIME!! “Show ’em why you were born, and put a little mustard on it….”

8.Psychic City- Yacht:  This song is brilliant, sort of reminds me of Matt and Kim meets Tom Tom Club. The lyrics say so much with so little, and it’s just a lot of fun.  Everytime I hear it start to play, I just get a smile on my face and feel the need to jump and sway and oscillate wildly.

9.Clark Gable- Postal Service: One of my faves from the short-lived Indie/Electro side project of Death Cab frontman Ben Gibbard and some awesome friends. It sums up much of how I feel about life and the realness of love.

10. Imaginary Girl- The Silver Seas: It causes smiles on the worst days, just listen to it!  I dont understand the video, so just listen if you dont like it.

11.By Tonight- Say Anything: A description of a perfect moment between two blobs of awesomeness, and how it explodes with love. 🙂

Well there’s my countdown for the week, thanks go out to a Miss Michelle Goodwin for introducing me to four of my eleven songs, which are fastly becoming all time favorites. 🙂 Check out the songs, and feel free to respond with your top picks, I love to share music more than almost anything. Stay tuned for more madness, more often.

What I am thankful for….

November 25, 2010

Toast and tea and things that are free,
Music, laughter and glee.
Long walks and talks,
Idle banter is not my style.

My parents are thanked for creating me,
And for keeping me fed and clothed
As best as they did for this nearly 24 years.
The city of keene,
Realizing the potential of my dreams,
And a big big love, that expands the sky
Bettering the world, even at its most beautiful.

more free

November 17, 2010

Break down the laws of convention, until it is unconventional to be conventional, embracing the indie punk dwelling within us all. Iconoclastic and Dynamic, not cheap like plastic. Burn down this emotional prison. Don’t let the pain become you. You’ll go insane, it’s true. People are still people, and love is still a four letter word.

I’m a meteor approaching impact, and to say the least, I’m pretty relaxed. Change the world but don’t let it change you. Fire burns, heart yearns, Stomach Churns, a destiny must be earned. Relearn, return. Fate is in your hands, so embrace that fact. Don’t let it be a pain in the ass. Love is just love. Understand?

I spill out my subversive subconscious on the unsuspecting subjects, tropical topics others fear to discuss, those they mistrust. Speaking my mind which is one of its kind.


November 11, 2010

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, in the year 1918, the first world war came to a close. With the armistice came the feeling that a war of such scale should never happen again, but instead the world exploded into more violence, and more hatred, with the rise of fascism and assorted other evils, the creation of more disgusting weapons, culminating in the unfortunate use of the atomic bomb through an uneducated choice by Harry Truman. Of course with events like this they felt uncomfortable with the symbolism of Armistice Day and decided to rename it Veteran’s Day.  Now I would never be able to say I was anti-veteran in any way, because I am not, but you can’t celebrate veterans and armistice equally in the same day.  We had said we would lessen the evilness of war and would make a greater effort to get along, but everything sinc then has done more harm to the world than good. How many genocides have been attempted/been successful since the Nazi holocaust?  How many governments have been subverted by us or others because we refuse to understand them,  or how many people that we have overthrown have we helped put into power? Then there’s the debate of blood for oil, the evil that is Guantanamo Bay, The School of The Americas, “Freedom Fries,” Quran burning, and of course voting against our best interests, as well as things like racial profiling, affirmative action and the false promises of no child left behind, and The Patriot Act.  Where does any of this get us, or anyone, and why must people in the world have to assume that I am an awful person because I am an American, or rather a UnitedStatesian?  Every fiber of my being is full of love for everyone and everything around me, so I will never say anything other than “happy armistice day!” every year when November 11 rolls around and hope to lessen the all too human compulsion for war.  Peace and love y’all.

Indecision 2010

November 5, 2010

I think the way the election is run has a lot to do with why a lot of people I know don’t vote.  Give me more choices by golly!!  They expect people to be party players and to just fill out their ballots based along their so-called party lines.  If I don’t have an educated enough guess as to who the candidates are, I leave them blank or do write-ins.  I think I only filled in a total of two or three spaces on my ballot myself, from sheer lack of knowledge.  Only the major positions get publicized, and things at the district or town level I know next to nothing about.  But as far as elections in general go, the more I “get educated” on candidates, the less sure I actually become.  The propaganda serves a purpose of not only making us carry out haphazard voting decisions, but with the attack being only on the “other guy” allowing us to forget that there are many more than two parties out there.  I’m sick and tired of hearing about a vote for another candidate as a wasted vote, by people who are dissatisfied with the “two choices.”  Those people are truly wasting their vote by picking what they don’t want.  If all of those people really cast their vote for that third person, or rather, a third person, (as there are many more than three options) the fallacious nature of the two party system would be rent asunder, and the people would truly understand their freedoms, and how change is not begotten via total apathy. Dear American public, you have the choice not to vote against your best interests, and if you are unclear of that or disagree with the entire process, you also have the choice to not vote.  Freedom is what we are about is it not?